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over 20 years of excellance

With more than 20 years experience using the industry’s highest level of energy saving products, The Window Hub is a company you can trust with products that are bespoke and precision engineered.

We ensure maximum energy efficiency and security whilst using state-of-the-art Pilkington glass helps to reduce energy bills by up to 30%!

upvc recycle scheme up to 3000 off

Go Green & Save Money...

Here at The Window Hub we are committed to reducing the impact on the environment. Our recycling scheme ensures that we will recycle everything we can.

Despite most people’s opinions on Upvc over the last few years, it has been scientifically proven that choosing Upvc is actually the most environmentally friendly option! Industry standards states that your windows and doors should last comfortably for around 30 years.

The amount of chemicals in the paint and varnish needed to treat and maintain timber causes it to rot and become so completely unusable that 92% needs to be dumped in landfill sites; where around 75% of Upvc can be recycled.

For luxurious windows, doors and conservatories in a variety of styles designs, colours and energy ratings, don’t hesitate to call us today for your free no obligation quotation:


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The Window Hub is a company you can trust


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